Affiliate Marketing Profits

To earn affiliate profits with affiliate marketing, you don’t need a product of your own to sell. You simply refer people to merchant websites with your special “affiliate link”.

When people buy, you earn a commission. Commissions larger than your customer acquisition costs are your affiliate profits.

The concept is simple, but there are many things to consider. For starters, learn some basic affiliate marketing definitions, so you can “speak the language”.

For example, you need to know the difference between a lead magnet and a lead capture page. These are important aspects of email marketing, which is very important for maximizing affiliate marketing profits. The above links cover all that and more.

It is extremely important to choose good affiliate niches with affiliate marketing profits in mind. An affiliate niche market is just a group of people with something in common.

You create websites/blogs that target that group. Get access to over 659 profitable niche markets here (all free). That page also includes 12 questions to ask yourself so you can choose an affiliate niche that fits you and your life vision.

Affiliate marketing profits also depend on the quality of the affiliate programs you are promoting, and how closely they are tied to the topic of your blog/website (your “niche”). Learn how to find good affiliate programs here.

Lastly, it helps to learn some affiliate marketing strategies that have survived the test of time. For example, learn how to earn money from your blog.

My favorite strategy is choosing affiliate programs that pay recurring commissions. Here is the best residual income affiliate program I have found. With that affiliate program I profit from the work I do today far into the future. I am still earning monthly commissions from some of my referrals to that program 3 years later (I have only been promoting it a bit over than 3 years at time of writing).

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I also wrote the Super Affiliate Profit Power guide below (Free Download). It provides more of my profitable affiliate marketing strategies, and goes into more detail explaining how to implement them.

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