Affiliate Marketing Profits

To earn affiliate profits with affiliate marketing, you don’t need a product of your own to sell. You simply refer people to merchant websites with your special “affiliate link”.

When people buy, you earn a commission, completely hands-off on your part. The merchants take care of everything, from payment processing to product delivery & support.

1. Choose Your Affiliate Niche

Dog Affiliate NicheChoose a good affiliate niche with affiliate marketing profits in mind (dog training anyone?) An affiliate niche market is just a group of people with something in common.

Get a list of over 659 profitable niche markets here. That page also includes 12 questions to ask yourself so you can choose an affiliate niche that fits you and your life vision.

2. Choose Your Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing profits depend on the quality of the affiliate programs you are promoting. Good companies like Amazon want your help in promoting their products.

That’s why affiliate programs are always free to join.

Learn how to find good affiliate programs here.

3. Choose Your Affiliate Strategies

Learn 5 Effective Affiliate Strategies that have survived the test of time.

My favorite one is choosing affiliate programs that pay recurring commissions, like this one.

To learn much more about affiliate marketing, check out the free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate. It is free to join and offers much more than you would typically find at a free membership site.

I also wrote the Super Affiliate Profit Power PDF eBook guide below (Free Download). It provides more of my favorite affiliate marketing strategies, and goes into more detail explaining how to implement them.

Not sure the “Super” guide is worthwhile? Learn more about me and my affiliate marketing experience here.

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