Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Here are 5 affiliate marketing strategies to consider:

  1. A Variety of Products ‐ The people in your niche market will buy many products. Most affiliates make the mistake of over‐promoting one product and not promoting multiple products. While focus is good, losing out on sales you could make is a common mistake. The free Super Affiliate Profit Power guide offered at the bottom of this page provides the solution to this problem, and includes 5 more affiliate marketing strategies.


  2. A Variety of Prices ‐ Not everyone in your niche can afford your main offer(s). It is easy to forget that not all people can afford the products we promote. That is why it is vital to promote a variety of products at a variety of price points, including “free to get started”.


  3. Residual Income (recurring billing products) ‐ The shortest and most reliable path to the life you want is to promote recurring billing products. This affiliate marketing strategy is like having a bunch of your own awesome products that you get paid for month after month. The best part? You get to skip the years of effort it would take to create your own awesome products.
    You keep getting paid for as long as your referral continues paying monthly or yearly for the product or service. Check out the best recurring commission affiliate program I have been involved with here.

    To learn how to earn recurring commissions and more, check out my Wealthy Affiliate page. More generally, learn how to earn money from your blog by promoting affiliate offers.

    The free Super Affiliate Profit Power guide offered at the bottom of this page explains how to find recurring commission products with a strong incentive for customers to remain customers long term.

  4. Promote a series of affiliate products that complement each other to help your audience achieve a particular goal. For example, the 3 main products I am promoting in the free Super Affiliate Profit Power guide offered at the bottom of this page represent the 3 most important areas of affiliate marketing that every super‐affiliate needs to master in order to be successful.


  5. List Building (for Email Marketing) ‐ It is MANY TIMES easier to sell again to an existing customer than to make the first sale. The #1 mistake affiliates make is neglecting to build and nurture their email lists from day one. By building your email list you can market as many products as you want for zero marketing costs.

Ok, there you have it. 5 affiliate marketing strategies to get you started. Get 5 more strategies in the free download below.

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